Law Enforcement Instructor Safety Course

One Day Safety, Equipment and Documentation (8 hour)

  • How to run safe training
  • How to set up drills and scenarios that are safe and realistic including documentation
  • Safety documentation
  • Padded training suits:
  • What’s available, we will bring examples of the Redman, FIST, Taser and Blauer Spear High Gear
  • How to augment
  • Safe use
  • How to set up scenarios and drills
  • How to pick and/play the role player
  • Training tools including firearms, knives, intermediate weapons and role player props

Learn how to conduct safe, realistic and effective training. Documentation you’ll review and cover various documents you can use to enhance and limit liability for your program. Review training equipment and its use.

Students receive a thumb drive with all training material and forms

$100.00 per student. This class is perfect for current or future defensive tactics instructors as well as role players and safety officers.

Host Agencies receive 2 FREE spots for 10 paid

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